DZ988N copper solvent extraction reagent

  • Nombre


  • Cantidad

    1 T

  • Proportion(25℃)

    0.91~ 0.93

  • Capacidad de saturación de cobre g/L Cu

    5.2~ 5.6

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DZ988N is compound Aldoxime and Ketoxime solvent extraction reagent, V:V=1:1. 

Aldoxime has good extraction ability for copper ion, Ketoxime had good reverse-extraction ability, so the advantage of this reagent does not only have good extraction ability, but also has good reversed-phase extraction ability. 

It can avoid third phase happened to stop the extraction system working, also can raise the copper's net transfer capacity.


DZ988N can be used alone or mixed with LIX984N, LIX973N, M5640, M5774, CP-150 and N902 in any ratio. You can free to add our reagent to your using reagent in any ratio.

In practice, to produce one metric ton cathode copper, the consumption of Aldoxime will more than 10kg, but the consumption of Compound Aldoxime & Ketoxime (DZ988N) will less than 5kg. It means that the consumption of Compound Aldoxime and Ketoxime reagent will less than single Aldoxime 3-6kg

In practice, our engineer built three plant in Zambia and Congo, get the purity of 99.9982% cathode copper.

Nombre DZ988N
Cantidad 1 Tono
Proportion(25℃) 0.91~ 0.93
Capacidad de saturación de cobre g/L Cu 5.2~ 5.6
Punto de isoterma de extraccióng/L Cu 4.4g/L
Cinética de extracción%(30s) ≥96
Tiempo de extracción de la fase s ≤70
Desmontaje punto isotérmico g/L Cu ≤1.8g/L
Desmontaje de cinética%(30s) ≥95
Desmontaje de tiempo de la fase s ≤80
Hierro y cobre selectiva ≥2000

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